The Break I Needed

Hi and Welcome Back to Sunday Brunch!

Alright a couple weekends ago we had a rehearsal dinner and wedding to attend. It’s a 2 day trip up north. Yessss! 2 days to let loose, relax, sleep in, and be an adult!

We get up there, head to the dinner rehearsal to enjoy the company of our friends. It’s this nice pizza place and has unlimited beer! Score!

What does my inner conscious say.. one beer is enough Krissy! I really want to enjoy myself but I can’t help but feel this stupid mom guilt. I literally force Ryan to take us back to the hotel. Why? Because I’m an idiot.

We return to the hotel in time with Bdubs and McDonalds drinks to watch big brother. Aren’t we so spontaneous and young? Shortly after big brother is over we crash. Some night owls we are.

I wake up feeling like I slept for days! At this point I’m like cool it’s probably 10 we at least conquered a goal to sleep in. A big fat NOPE! It’s fucking 6:45 in the morning! SIX FORTY-FIVE! Why does life do this to me?

We get up, eat breakfast, go to super target (never been to one, and let me just say, mind=blown) go to the liquor store, and are back to the hotel before 10 am. Never have I ever done this in my life, but hey I have time to take a nap! Nope, who the hell am I kidding the nap never happened.

We get ready. Ryan’s pushing me to drink and my inner self is not having it. We get to the place the wedding is taking place. I am wearing skinny heals.. in GRASS! Anyone who is someone knows you’ll sink right into the ground. At this point I say fuck it. I cut ties with my inner conscious and let loose.

They have champagne during the ceremony…. 2 glasses please! We sit down, it’s hot, and come to my surprise I forgot to take my tag off my dress! Talk about embarrassing… whatever.

FINALLY it’s the cocktail hour. I need a drank. Not a drink but a drank! I don’t think my husband has ever witnessed me down as many white claws in a short amount of time as I did that night. I loved every second of it too!

At this point everyone is betting that I’m going to be the one who makes us go back to the hotel early. Hate to disappoint but I proved all of you wrong! The reception ends, we get to the bars, and Ryan gives me this look. The look of “IF I walk any further I’m either going to pass out or puke my guts out”. I am like WHOOOF “tough night huh big guy?!”. This man has already called an Uber before I can say let’s go back. The old age is so getting to him!

I wake up feeling pretty decent. Literally.

I recall on that Mom guilt I had and I am so very proud of myself for letting go and allowing myself and my husband to have so much fun.

It is 100% okay for you as parent to enjoy time away from your kids. You do not need to be glued to their hip all the time. It is okay to take “me” time and enjoy a night out every once in a while. If anyone tells you otherwise tell them to have a blessed day because they do not deserve your energy.

With that said, if you are a parent who enjoys time with your kids without needing a break that is 100% okay too. I commend you and know that you are amazing!

We should support each other in any capacity as we are all trying to figure this parenting thing out. Life is about finding the balance that works for you and yours and no two paths are the same.

I hope you have found that you are not alone and that you can love your kids and want to be away from them too!

Until next time!



Can I Clock Out Yet?

Welcome Back to Sunday Brunch!

This is probably going to be the realest of the real post I ever do!

Disclaimer- My husband is awesome, supports me, and has his fair share of the same moments and by no means does this post intend to come across other wise.

Let’s dive on in!

I am exhausted. In every category of my life.

I literally wake up and the chaos begins instantly. I get the kids together, I get their stuff together, I have maybe max 20 minutes to throw myself together. From there I am dropping kids off, going to work, going here for this test, going there for that meeting. I pick the kids up, make dinner, go to class. I am the person in which 3 people call upon and rely on in my house.

Some things I do to myself yes, but others it’s really just life and what is tossed on my plate. I love my family beyond any limit that may exist, but sometimes it is a lot.

So, today I am doing all the above and nothing is going right. NOTHING! I take a test in Bloomington at 9:30 then go to Champaign to take another test when I realize I forgot my ID. That same ID I forgot is needed to make an exchange because of course I bought the wrong color scrubs. Do you have the receipt?.. nope, that’s gone or misplaced along with my brain. I also forget to go by the bank that I literally pass on my way home. So on and so on.

As soon as we get home, Boston wants to make a cake for his hatchimal… WHY?

Not only does he want to do that but he wants his hatchimal to eat a cheese taco with him for dinner… I am all about imagination.. but I am not about wasting food for a damn hatchimal.

We eat dinner. I need like 15 minutes to myself so I eat alone because my husband is awesome and took care of the kids. I start making this stupid cake that I have no desire to make. What happens next? Boston being on the counter thinking he is helping but being more of a nuisance than anything kicks the bowl. An instant mess! WHAT THE FUCKKKKKKK.

I contain myself because it’s this fancy thing I am trying to do these days. I send him on his merry little way and out of my freaking hair. I put the cake in the oven and go sit.. in the bathroom.. on the floor.. on my phone to cope.

I come out and realize the oven is not on… you can fill in your own idea on how I felt at this point.

The cake is done, my sanity is gone, Floribama shore is about to start, and it’s only Monday.

Oh and on top of all of this I have a damn ear infection.

Remember when I said my luck clocks out? Well she did and she is somewhere sipping margaritas on a beach without me.

I am sure many of you have had days like this and just know that it will eventually end and it’s okay to want to lock yourself away. We all have our limits. Know that you are rocking it as a parent. Whether it be you only have the energy to feed your kids cereal all day or able to do the whole arts and crafts gig. Keep being amazing!

Until next time!

clocking out

It Was My Turn. . .

Welcome Back to Sunday Brunch!

I hope you all had a fantastic week!

Let’s jump right in!

So, Some are under the impression once as you have a kid the next one will be easy and things will come more natural to you.

To some extent this is true. However, a 5 year gap is not the best circumstance for remembering how to do things.

With Beckham, things have been a bit different. I have a very active and involved husband in which I am beyond grateful for! BUT, it can get me into trouble sometimes!

I am spoiled… realllyyyyy spoiled.

So when I am not really feeling up to changing Beckham’s diaper my husband gladly does so. Well this can only go so far before it really bites me in the ass.

How so you ask? Let me tell you!

Here I am, home with both boys. Beckham decides he is going to give a wonderful smelly present. So I am thinking to myself “Kid! You know the rules..WAIT FOR DAD!”. I ever so slowly walk to the changing table hoping I am going to be saved by my husband walking through the door. That moment never comes.

So, here I am changing like my fifth diaper since Beckham has been born. I think he is done doing his thing… But boy was I wrong. I could not keep up with him, not only was there poop everywhere, but he peed on himself not only once but TWICE.

I am becoming very overwhelmed! I start crying and laughing at the same time because I have no fucking clue what I am doing!

Why did I not have a clue!? Because I am fucking spoiled! I have not changed a diaper like that in YEARS and here I am acting as if it was my first diaper change.

It was all over in a matter of minutes but it felt like an eternity.

I never wanted to tell my husband for the sheer fact that he would never let me live it down.

So, I still have not learned my lesson, but Beckham is now more on Ryan’s schedule than mine. So, win, win! I am more grateful for my husbands efforts as he is the Diaper King. And no, having a kid does not make the next one feel like a walk in the park!

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog and laughed a little!

Until next time!diaper

The Journey Begins

Holy shit, I cannot believe that I had the guts to make this thing…Bottoms up bitches!

Wait is it okay to cuss in blogs???

Well lets be honest in my past life I was a sailor that is for sure so… sit down, strap in, and get used to it.

You know those things that one who seemingly has their shit together tells someone who is a basket case with fucking macaroni stuck in their hair and has morning breath… Be one with yourself and find your inner coping strength with lame circle hand motions …. and you just want to say “Yeahhhh, Fuck you! Where is my shot of tequila?”

Hi, I’m the basket case!

No, but in all seriousness, Hi and Welcome!

Sunday Brunch is an inspiration driven off of a future idea of mine. It is a place where no filter intertwines with the typical bullshit women, whether you are a mother or not, deal with on a day to day basis. Good or bad I plan on being completely transparent with you.

Like, imagine yourself standing in front of your bathroom mirror at the end of your day with no make up on and your hair looking like a cat ate it, puked it back out, and set it on top of your head… WHOOF… that’s the type of no filter I am talking about. You’re still a 10 in my book though… after a shower maybe.

My hopes in creating this blog are to not only relate to but also inspire you in knowing that you are not alone in the fuck up category but when you get it right.. YOU GET IT RIGHT!

With that said, you can expect me to talk about random but real moments that happen in my day to day life. Some posts won’t be pretty due to my luck being an asshole and randomly taking the day off. Some will have you thinking I’m a shiny diamond or something because the odds we ever in my favor!

Good or bad it’s to be shared and not something that is tucked away for the world to never see… like who the EFFF is this Pinterest mom that we are all desiring to be? Where did she come from? Why does she exist?

This filter we tend to put over our lives before the world is able to see it all started because one mom cut her sons peanut butter sandwich in the shape of a fucking trapezoid instead of making him man up and eat the sandwich with the crust still attached!

I intend to have a new post up every Sunday afternoon. Hence, why the blog is called Sunday Brunch.

Get it? Not funny? Okay.

I hope you enjoy this blog as I intend for you to and know that you are a beautiful human being and you are doing amazing! I promise!

Until next time!